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Saturday, March 17, 2007

you got mail

have you ever seen the movie you got mail . the stars are tom hanks and meg ryan and it is a very good movie. i have seen it many times. Kathleen Kelly, meg ryan, owns a small children's book store, but is coming under competition from Joe Fox , tom hanks, who owns Fox Books, a megastore with a cafe and discounted books. The two become rivals, without realising that the romance they are conducting anonymously on the internet is with each other. in the movie tom hanks and meg ryan can't wait to get home so they can get on the web and check there e-mail. they have met on the internet and they seem to be able to talk to each other about any thing. they are falling for each other even though they have never met in person. in fact they are afraid to meet because it may spoil their relationship. the story reminds me of many people who live together for years and are not married. they get along great but the outside world thinks they should get married, especially the relatives. so after a while they give in to the pressure and make that final step and tie the knot. then what usually happens is with in the year they are getting a divorce and breaking up and most of the time hate each other. i myself have a son that lives with a woman who has two children and he has been with her for years. he does not want to get married and luckily either does she. i think if they did that would end that relationship real fast. do you know any one that is like this , is it you ? tell us your story about you or some one you know that is like that.