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Saturday, March 17, 2007

the miracle worker

any one remember the movie the miracle worker . i just saw it on t.v. tonight and it is a terrific movie. go here to read the traier about the movie . anne bancroft won an academy award for best actress in the movie and sixteen year old, patty duke, won best supporting actress.
if you have not seen this movie i suggest you go rent it . now if you are one of these emotional types then i suggest you get a good supply of tissues because you are going to cry, especially at the end of the movie . tom hanks in the movia a league of their own said , "there is no crying in baseball " but there is crying when watching the miracle worker so just be forwarned.
what old movies have you seen that made you cry. think back now because there are probably a few. the 1957 movie, old yeller will get me started ever time. the 1946 film ,the yearling , will crank up some big tears ever time. the 1989 movie, dead poets society , with robin williams is another. have you ever seen the 1996 movie,eye for an eye .now if you want to see a movie that will fire you up in a new york minute see an eye for an eye . just go an google that title and read about the movie and you will get mad. now keifer sutherland may be your favorite guy when he is playing jack bauer in 24 but when he is robert doob in an eye for an eye
you want to kill the guy . trust me on this.
well thats all for now. i will leave you with a quote from the t.v. show, hill street blues, by Sergeant Phil Esterhaus: 'Hey, let's be careful out there."