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Friday, March 16, 2007

hello all-guess who?

surprise surprise , yes it is me . you are probably tired of reading blogs with perfect grammar and spelling and if that is the case you have come to the right place. i have to apologize for not posting first of all. i am not dead as some of you might have thought. i am alive and well and still living here in ga. i found out that my friend walker got hit by a car and we talked a bit yesterday. i am going to have to go to his blog and see what he had to say about that. i hate to have to go to that extreme to have some thing to write about in my blog although it sounds like a helluva story , is helluva a word, if not it should be. i hope every one is doing fine and still paying attention to their blog. if not i won't have any thing to read today. i have been taking it quite easy the past month or so except for the four or five days i worked at my daughters house. she bought herself a one hundred year old house and it needs a lot of work. you have to tackle the job like you were eating an elephant, one bite at a time. if you think about all that needs to be done it is to overwhelming. i know that is the way she feels because she told me she can not sleep good for thinking about all that needs to be done on it. my wife has been buying grocery coupons on ebay and we have been doing a lot of shopping and stocking up. so now we have the frig filled up and all the kitchen cabinets and even have sone can goods in the back storage room so we are set for a while.

i worked on my own house for so long i have a lot of stuff that i need to get rid of so i finally ordered one of those roll off dumpsters to throw it all away. those darn things are expensive to rent. i might as well buy one except then where would i store it . they are probably to expensive any way. that reminds me , i had a clamp on my muffler that came off and i went to the muffler place and wanted them to put a new clamp on. guess what that cost? one clamp and it took about 10 minutes to put it on in all, forty five dollars my friends . what a rip off. you just can't win . well i think i will go now and check out a few blogs. i am going to start with walkers. i have to get all the details about his hit and run guy or girl. he wasn't sure who hit him . he was to busy trying to jump out of the way. talk to you guys later.