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Monday, February 12, 2007

hello all

well today is monday and i got 6 and a half hours sleep last night which is a lot for me. i usually go to bed around 3 a.m. but last night i went to bed at 1:30 . i have not shaved yet so it seems like i am still asleep. i always feel better after i shave. it seems to wake me up. maybe looking in the mirror at my ugly face scares me in to waking up, i don't know but that could be it. do you ever do any thing to try and wake yourself up . i drink a lot of coffee and i probably shouldn't and that helps some. i think having a bright light on and looking at the light will wake you up a bit. what do you do? it looks a little cloudy today but they say on the radio it is going to be a nice day. i listen to talk radio a lot. when i was young more people had radios than t .v's . some of you never had a t.v. or watched one that had bad reception so you may not understand what i am talking about. well imagine taking your t.v. and hooking up a long extension cord and taking it outside . now when you get outside it starts to snow fairly hard . now as long as the t.v. is on its snowing and when its off it"s not . now to make the picture better you have to attach an antenna to your t.v. and go find another person to hold that antenna and turn it in different directions so the picture looks like you may need prescription glasses . now even with this extra person, usually a family member, walking around with the antenna and moving it in different directions that may still not be enough to get that almost clear picture . so get out some aluminum foil and wrap it around the antenna, ah thats much better. now that your family member has been walking around for 30 minutes with t.v. antenna in hand with the aluminum foil on it it gets to be your turn to relieve him of his duties. he or she may want to watch a t.v. program also and may want his hands free to eat a snack. what the heck, fair is fair.